Export Tag data

Export Tag data

The Tag data can be downloaded in a simple manner using the Export function in Analytics Reports > Tags. To do so follow these steps:
  1. Log into your MOCA Console Account. 
  2. Navigate to your App.
  3. Go to Analytics.
  4. Now click on Tags.
  5. On the upper right corner you will find Export, click it:

  6. You will now receive a CSV file that will contain key analytical information.
Here is a screenshot of the contents of the Export:

The header definitions are as follows:
  1. Tag name - Refers to the name you gave the tag upon creation, which contains the taxonomy.
  2. Level - This refers of the taxonomy level, as you can nest tags inside of other tags.
  3. Display name - This is the display name you gave the tag upon creating it.
  4. Event count - These are the amount of times each tag action has been performed.
  5. Users - These are the amount of users, anonymous or not, that had the tag associated to them.
  6. Logged users - These are the logged users that had the tag associated to them.
  7. Tag Sum - This is the grouping selected in the Tag Analytics view.

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