Understanding MOCA Console Analytics: Proximity

Understanding MOCA Console Analytics: Proximity

The Proximity section within the MOCA Console App Analytics displays the following information per selected date range:



  • Visitors: Devices detected for five minutes or more within Beacon range are considered visitors. This can be 5 minutes in a row, or the sum of several gaps within a 20 minute range.
  • Passersby: Devices that did not spend enough time within Beacon range, or went undetected for more than 15 minutes.
  • Capture rate: From total detected devices, this shows the percentage of visitors that visit the Beacon enabled area vs the passersby.
  • Visits: Amount of visitors, being individual visits or recurrent, that detected the Beacons installed.
  • Avg. Dwell Time: Average time spent within Beacon range.
  • Access points: Amount of Beacons functional.


As visitors are unique, and visits is the initial and subsequent visits by visitors, the figure below can explain why the difference between both values (sessions to be understood as visits):

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