MOCA Groups

MOCA Groups

MOCA allows Experiences to be triggered by a single geofence, by a single beacon or by a Group. A Group is a collection of Places, Beacons or both that gives the flexibility to add any location based trigger and cover great distances, group by taxonomy or utilize various technologies (e.g. Bluetooth and Geofencing) at once.

You can find your Groups menu on the Home Sidebar:

This is the UI of MOCA Groups:

Here you can order your groups, add filters, search, import, export and bulk delete Groups.

To edit a Group you can click on the group name and proceed to add or remove locations from the group:

The steps to create a group are as follows:
  1. To go the main sidebar and click on Groups.
  2. Now click on Add Group.
  3. Fill in the Display name for the Group, which will be used within the MOCA console to identify this group.
  4. Now you can either write the name of the resource (geofence or beacon) in the locations field, or click on it and it drops down a list of available items to add to the group.
  5. Once finished, click on save group.

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