Segments are a powerful tool to create audience segments based on their attributes.

First of all you select the logic to apply to one or more attributes. You can choose between All (AND) and Any (OR), and nest various logical operators.

You have a vast variety of properties that can be used to target the adequate segment. Examples are language, country, carrier, device model, app version, time zone and custom tags that greatly expand the customisation of the segment.

After the property is selected, a number of operators can be used for the property you chose:

And finally you can define what attribute the operator will allow you to use. In this example we use a string and the "contains" operator:

If you wish to make nested statements you can. If you select one of the two initial properties (All or Any) you get a new row:

Using the adequate conditions, properties, operators and attributes you can select the exact targeted segment with precision. 

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