MOCA's campaigns are automated engagement tools that allow for rich content to be delivered to targeted segments of your audience.

When you create a campaign you can select between Automation or Push. You can also set a scheduler and choose the segment of your audience you want to impact.


Once you have configured the campaign, you are prompted to create Experiences. These experiences are the content and the type of presentation you'd like for that campaign. You can learn more about Experiences here.


Push campaigns

Push campaigns allow you to send a message directly to the segmented devices, either immediately or in a scheduled push. This does not make use of the proximity engine, so it's heavily reliant on both the Push certificates and the segments targeted.


Automation Campaigns

Proximity campaigns are either geo-location dependent contextual contents or in-app event triggered contents. The experiences you can create are of a wider range than the push, and the content that can be delivered ranges from simple text to rich HTML5 in-app interstitials.


Please note that:

  1. Automation campaigns are, by default, disabled. In order to enable them please go to the main campaigns screen and move the slider to Enabled.
  2. All campaigns allow for one segment only.
  3. You can adjust the days you want the campaign to be shown, as well as the hour windows you want it active during those days.
  4. You can set an amount of experiences to be shown during that campaign. If more than one experience is present, it will show the ones triggered first.
  5. You can set a delay between experiences being triggered at campaign level. This can conflict with the experience cool down times so it's recommended it's always managed from within the experience.

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