Beacons Screen

Beacons Screen

MOCA utilizes beacons for indoor location and in situations where you want a higher degree of precision. They are an integral part of the MOCA product when looking for indoor proximity experiences or experiences that require high precision (5m).


MOCA is agnostic and supports beacons are utilize iBeacon for campaign triggering, and Eddysone for Telemetry.

How to add a beacon:
  1. Go to the side menu and click on Beacons.
  2. Now click on New Beacon.
  3. Please add a name, an optional description and select your Beacon provider. If it's not in the list please select Other Provider.
  4. Now add the UUID, Major and Minor for the specific beacon. To find out those values please check on the beacon manufacturer's documentation.
  5. Click on Save Changes.

It's recommended to use a clear and easy to understand name and description in order to select them appropriately in other menus (e.g. zones and experiences) as managing a large beacon fleet requires logistical planning.

Once the Beacon is created you can then define the latitude, longitude and floor, the Eddystone profile, the Telemetry Monitoring and such so you have a more detailed location of the device. This is specially important for heatmaps, locating the device in the physical world, keeping an eye on the battery level and supporting the Eddystone protocol.

MOCA SDK for Android supports AccentSystems ExtraByte Battery Percentage Data, and also Eddystone TLM measurements. Both of these will enable you to view the battery percentage of your beacons remotely as long as the beacons support any of these technologies.

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