The MOCA console allows adding custom Apps into the MOCA environment. This enables the custom App to use the extent of the MOCA Platform for insights, analytics, geo-location, proximity marketing, push notifications to user segments and more.


How to add a custom App?


To add a custom app please enter into the MOCA console. Once logged in, click on the Apps button on the left bar and New App or Add App:



Once clicked, you will receive a prompt to add the following fields:

  • Application name - Name of the app within the MOCA environment.
  • Number of users - Approximate number of users that will be targeted.
  • Category - Sector for which the App is designed.
  • Production Status - You can select if you want a test environment or a production environment.
  • Application Version - What version is the application added?
  • Application Website URL - URL to the App.
  • Application Icon URL - URL to gather an Icon that represents the App.

Once you have added this data, the system will generate an API Key and Secret. The Authentication required to use the MOCA APIs is OAuth 2.0. You can find the Key and Secret in Settings:

These App Key and App Secret are used when integrating the MOCA SDK into your App. You can read more about this here.

BEST PRACTICES TIP: It's encouraged you add at least two versions of your app: Production and Development. This is in order you don't pollute production data, and encapsulate environments in a way you don't affect the production environment while testing pre-release.