Locations Analytics

Locations Analytics

The MOCA Console Analytics section contains a powerful tool designed to give you heatmap, geofence and beacon data insights. This tool, displayed as a Map with a variety of layers and typical map visualization options empowers each marketer to better understand the App's location capabilities in the physical world.

To find this section:
  1. Log into your MOCA Console Account. 
  2. Navigate to your App.
  3. Go to Analytics.
  4. Now click on Locations.
  5. You will now see the following visualization:

Location Heatmap

The heatmap portion of this tool displays an aggregation of user location that represents a highly visited place in the real world. This can be used to increase effectiveness of geofencing and even utilize this for analog advertising.

Location Points

The location points refer to single location events received from the App, and they are color coded depending on the amount of overlapping of points in a grid. This is a very precise heatmap that activates when zoom levels are high.

This layer also has controls so you can change the Point Palette, Point Blur and Point Opacity. This is an image using the Sunset Dark Palette and modified point blur and opacity. These controls have been set to improve contrast of each point while having the heatmap view active.


The Places layer shows you the location, radius and stats of the geofences you set up for your account. Ideal to compare traffic between geofences already set up, and combined with the heatmap and points you can see if it's being fully utilized or requires being adjusted.


The Beacons layer is similar to the Places layer, but it shows any beacon which you have set up the latitude and longitude in the beacon settings.

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